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America’s Gold Expert® Says Invest 25% of Your IRA or 401(k) in Gold and Silver – Here’s How

Now that many leading mainstream banks have raised their gold price target and have recommended a significant portion of one’s portfolio to be in gold, it’s time to make sure your regular portfolio and your retirement portfolio are properly balanced in precious metals. A division of BankAmerica, for instance, recommends a 25% position in gold, and Bank of America just raised its year-end 2021 gold price target to $3,000 an ounce, over 50% above gold’s all-time high price and 50% above the bank’s previous target price of $2,000. The bank’s report summarizes its main argument: “The Fed Can’t Print Gold.”

Many investors have taken care of their active portfolio but they have kept their 401(k) or IRA entirely in stocks and bonds, thinking that those were the only options. Maybe their company only provided those two choices. But there are other options. Precious metals can be a part of your retirement portfolio, and our experienced team can make that transition easy for you. We have a team with long-term expertise in that field. Just call and ask for “Team Mike” and we will help you get started on the easy process of opening an account transferring funds (or “rolling over” an IRA or 401(k) account) and funding it with our preferred vehicle for long-term gains: common and rare American Eagles.

Rare American Eagle coins, minted from gold and silver, have shown appreciation in value over time, especially when held for the long-term. They are one of the few assets to offer double play potential.  First, from their underlying gold and silver content and secondly, from their growing rarity, as we typically select low-mintage American Eagles that have developed strong collector premiums due to high demand and relatively low survival rates.  Many of these hand selected coins have already been locked up long-term in IRAs.  All you need to do is sit back and watch your nest egg mature, tax-deferred, in a Precious Metals IRA!


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