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U.S. Mint Changes to Eagle Coins To Likely Increase Collector’s Interest

The United States Mint will change the reverse of the well-known American Silver Eagle (ASE) and American Gold Eagle (AGE) coins in 2021, noting the end of the famous "family of eagles" designed by renowned artist and sculptor Miley Tucker-Frost from the first 1986 gold coin series. 1st American Reserve is anticipating these approaching changes will bring increasing enthusiasm by collectors for these coins. The new reverse will likewise include state-of-the-art security to thwart counterfeiting measures. Many of these anti-counterfeiting measures have been successfully implemented by other countries to protect their currencies from continuous assault by counterfeiters, especially those from China. “Having my design on the nation’s gold coinage has been a tremendous honor,” says this acclaimed sculptress, whose name was Miley Busiek at the time the American Eagle bullion coins first appeared in late 1986. The Gold Eagles pair her plan with Augustus Saint-Gaudens' heavenly representation of Liberty from the front-side of the dazzling Saint-Gaudens twofold hawk ($20 gold bit) of 1907-1933. Exhaust Frost invests wholeheartedly in this fortunate matching. “I am thrilled that they did that,” she says enthusiastically. “I just consider it an incredible honor to be on the other side of a coin that carries such a beautiful design.”