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Flash Alert! Two Hurricanes are Headed for Beaumont – But We Are Prepared!

As of Monday Morning, when we planned to send out this Metals Report, two hurricanes were headed for the Texas Gulf Coast near our border with Louisiana.  First, Hurricane Marco has been downgraded to a tropical storm for the time being, but it may hit our coast Tuesday night.  Hurricane Laura is predicted to be a Category 2 hurricane at present and it is likely to hit near Beaumont on Wednesday night. Although there may be some difficulty reaching us by phone for a while, if the past is any guide, we will relatively soon after the storm passes be able to take your orders and ship products again in a timely manner.


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Our 2020 Gold and Silver Price Projections Were Too Conservative!

Our 2019 predictions were “right on” for $1500 gold, but our 2020 predictions were too conservative. Back in July 2019, we “boldly” predicted $18 silver by year’s end and $20 silver in 2020. We got the $18 silver within three months and then we got $20 silver by July 21 – then silver kept on rising to nearly $30!


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July Inflation Grows at a 7.4% Annual Rate

The U.S. Dollar Index is down nearly 10% (-9.7%) in the last five months, due largely to the massive Inflationcreation of trillions of new dollars in stimulus money and deficit spending by Congress, plus Federal Reserve liquidity for bank lending in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In time, this is almost certain to fuel a new round of higher inflation and higher gold prices. The gold price rise has begun, and now the inflation rates have started to rise, despite the 2020 recession temporarily dampening consumer demand.

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Get to Know the “Team Mike” Professionals at 1st American Reserve Working with Dr. Mike Fuljenz, America’s Gold Expert®

Jeff Medley is truly an experienced professional account manager having served clients of 1st American Reserve since 2005.  Prior to joining 1st American Reserve, he worked professionally as a respected residential, commercial and industrial electrician.


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          Jimmy Carter has greatly enhanced his legacy since leaving office after a single term as the nation’s 39th president.  Along with Herbert Hoover, he ranks at or near the top of the list as former chief executives with the most noteworthy post-presidential achievements.
          Many hobbyists, however, still feel aggrieved by an action Carter took at the outset of his presidency in January 1977.  As part of a crackdown on what he deemed to be government waste, the former Georgia governor halted public appointments to the annual Assay Commission, a panel that had met since George Washington was president to examine random samples of U.S. coinage, check their purity and weight and determine if they conformed to legal standards.
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An XX-Rated Collection

Paper money be out of reach for all but our first First Lady at the moment, but a handful of notable women have enjoyed the honor of appearing on U.S. coinage.
Susan B. Anthony
Women’s suffrage icon Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to be featured on circulating coinage in 1979 when this dollar – her face on its obverse – replaced the one featuring President Eisenhower. The reverse depicts an eagle landing on the moon. The coin was legislated the previous year by President Jimmy Carter.

This dollar coin, also known as the “golden dollar,” features a three-quarter profile of the Native American woman whose help was instrumental on Lewis and Clark’s famed expedition, along with her infant son. Sacagawea was pregnant when she joined the voyage and gave birth while amid the trek. Its reverse features an eagle along with 17 stars that represent the states in existence at the time of the 1804 journey.
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          Breaking up a “ring” of high-school counterfeiters might have been kid’s stuff for the U.S. Secret Service, but the agency chalked up a much more significant achievement recently when it obtained indictments against 13 members of an international ring allegedly responsible for printing and passing tens of millions of dollars of very high-quality bogus notes.