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1st American Reserve provides More on Project 2020 – New High-Quality Coins Are Coming in Each Week

Just a reminder. Every week, 1st American Reserve gets a few new rarities in our “Project 2020” campaign for the finest rare coin collectibles. Call your experienced “Team Mike” representative for a description of our quickly changing inventory of classic American gold and silver coins, but you must act fast. As a mentor of mine used to say, there is a difference between a “fast” rabbit and a “dead” rabbit. When gems come into our inventory, they tend to move fast. That’s why you want to be a fast rabbit in fast-changing markets.

We make our selection of “Project 2020” coins based on several factors, including sheer beauty, historical importance, popularity and low population capitalization (a coin’s value times the numbers of coins seen). We’re finding that these coins are becoming tougher and more costly to buy, since the market for many gold coins priced under $10,000 is rising. Civil War-dated and Carson City-minted coins are especially in high demand. Over the last few months, we have posted over $2 million in new bids, higher than any other dealer, on hundreds of different coins in our attempt to acquire the finest specimens of lower-mintage, low-population $10 and $25 Gold American Eagles, $2.50, $3.00, $5.00 and $10.00 Indians, Type II and Type III Liberty Gold, and the best classic Commemorative halves.

Although our bids on these coins are still rising, we continue to invest in these coins because we believe they are still underpriced relative to their population capitalization. In the process of accumulating these coins, we scrutinize each coin very carefully. We never sacrifice in our quest for top quality. We buy only hand-selected, top-quality specimens. That is why you should only buy rare coins from well-recognized experts. Each coin should have good eye appeal. When you see these coins, you will know what I mean. Each is a classic piece of American history. Owning these coins is like holding history in your hands.


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