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The Adens Declare “Gold is the Best Investment in the World Today”

In their popular financial newsletter, Pamela and Mary Anne Aden declared on July 17 that gold is “the best investment in the world today” and told their readers “we want you on board the gold train as it pulls out of the station.”  The Adens outlined some of the reasons why: “Gold is, and always has been, the world’s safe haven. That is, during times of uncertainty, insecurity, economic or political upset, war, devaluations and more, gold has always come out as #1. And this track record goes back more than 5,000 years… 

Throughout history, gold has always maintained its purchasing power, and again, no other investment comes close…. Plus, gold is durable and it’s beautiful, which has also made it superior to other mediums of exchange.”  They then go back through history, from the Egyptian pharaohs, who were buried with their gold, through the Roman empire, to the Spanish conquistadors, to the 1849 Gold Rush, the Vietnam boat people; to the present, when we’ve seen gold beat every other investment since 1970, since 2000, and this year, too.

The Adens also say new money printing will begin fueling inflation, driving the dollar lower, and pushing gold higher, reaching new record highs:

“Once gold hits new record highs, sky’s the limit. As we’ve pointed out before, if this bull market unfolds like the previous ones did, the gold price could ultimately soar to the $7,500 to $25,000 level. We know that sounds crazy, but it’s happened before, and it could happen again. That’s even more so the case considering we’re in uncharted waters and these are unprecedented times. But regardless of where gold ends up, the point is, gold is the very best investment in today’s environment. It’s poised to outperform stocks and bonds, and it’s where you want to be. It’s not too late. We believe the big exciting up moves lie ahead.”


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