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USA Today Quotes Mike Fuljenz (and Our Customers) in a Positive Gold Article

Today’s September 1, USA Today published in their Money Section an extensive and positive article on gold (“Gold Gleams in Hard Times”). Even though they only quoted me once (officially), they paraphrased a lot of material I gave them, and what I told them about the qualities of gold. They also quoted some interviews from our satisfied customers, which we helped set up for them. You will probably recognize many of these statements because you heard them here first in the weekly Metals Report – months ago.


For instance, USA Today brought the attention of its readers to a Bank of America report first issued in April headlined, “The Fed Can’t Print Gold” (like it prints dollars.) In that report, BofA raised its 18-month target price for gold to $3,000. Of course, we brought that report to your attention back in May.

In the end of the article, they quoted me. In my quote, I named some of attributes of gold. “It’s an inert metal. It doesn’t rust. It doesn’t corrode. It’s got a lot of uses, and it’s something people have always desired long before Christ.”

This article by Brent Schrotenboer was well-written and this kind of positive widespread coverage in a major media outlet brings forth many new ads and new customers, who will tend to buy bullion products first and then graduate into rare coins within the next 2-3 years.

This is an important time to load up on RARE coins, since it takes time for “bullion fever” to translate into the numismatic market. This is not a time to sell rare coins but to accumulate more. This is the kind of market we have been waiting for. We have been hearing from several former clients who have come back into the market after a long time on the sidelines. Some are even driving in or flying in to see us to see what kind of rare coins are available. (Please call to set up a time, if you plan to do that.) The bullion market is already taking off. I sense that the rare coin market will take off next. Now is the time to prepare and act.


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