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A Baker’s Dozen of Presidential Debate Questions

After enduring the first two debates with challenged moderators, I’m tempted to say “we don’t need no stinking moderators” at these election-year debates. After all, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas simply got up and talked for a couple of hours and found a way to get to the core of the issues their audiences cared about. What’s wrong with the candidates just asking each other a series of questions?


Even more important, we certainly don’t need this type of “Commission on Presidential Debates.” This added bureaucracy was created in 1987, long after the Nixon-Kennedy debates or the magical Reagan debates of 1980 or 1984. In a tweet last week, former Presidential candidate Robert Dole said of the current debate commission, “The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan with an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine,” but he added that none of them supported Trump, concluding that “a biased Debate Commission is unfair.” It bears repeating that some Republicans remain firmly against President Trump. These Republicans are called the “Never Trumpers.”

I’m no great moderator, but I can tell you that the first two moderators never pressed Senator Joe Biden or Senator Kamala Harris in any serious way about their Party’s policies or their previous gaffes.  So, I have a fantasy that if I were drafted to host the next Presidential debate, I would ask these 13 questions, a baker’s dozen, of both candidates.

The first is based on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s previous vows to ban fracking for natural gas, which reportedly reduces CO2 emissions. Living on the Gulf Coast, this clarification is very important to me.

1.  Will your administration attempt to restrict any current or future fracking or drilling for oil and natural gas? And if so, why? What is your view on the Energy Information Administration reporting fracking for natural gas has helped to reduce CO2 emissions such that in 2019 the U.S. led the world in CO2 reductions?

2.  Would you support increasing the number of Supreme Court Judges above 9 during your presidency?

3.  Do you support third trimester abortions, including partial birth abortion?

4.  What has the federal government done well during this pandemic – and in previous pandemics? Also, name something the federal government has handled poorly during this pandemic – and previous ones? (Sample answer: When asked this question on “Meet the Press,” Bill Gates said that vaccine support and development was done well, and rapid testing availability was not done well this year.)

5.  Was the Mueller investigation warranted, and what were its successes and what were its failures?

6.  Will you put any new restrictions on gun rights and why?

7.  Will you increase taxes, and if so, will your methods of raising taxes have secondary effects on other taxpayers?

8.  Name a few of your top accomplishments for minorities.

9.  Bob Dole has said that the Republican Debate Commission members he knows have an anti-Trump bias.  Do you believe we need a different way of constructing the Debate Commission?

10.  What have you done to bring peace to the world?

11.  What did you do for the military, specifically to bring troops home?

12.  Do you support defunding, partially or totally, law enforcement and why?

13.  Do you believe in school choice, where a parent’s tax dollars can be used for the school of their choice?  Why, or why not?


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