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Mainstream Banks See Gold Rising to $2,200 to $2,400 and Silver Reaching $30 to $40 in 2021

Gold gained $100 in the first week of December, rising from $1,762.55 on the final November 30 London price setting to $1,865 on Monday, December 7. In the same seven days, silver is up even faster, +11%, from $22.15 on November 30 to $24.60 on December 7. The U.S. Dollar index declined about 1% in the same week, but that doesn’t account for the nearly 6% rise in gold in that same time frame. The primary engine for rising gold and silver prices seems to be the fear of another major lockdown and the increased likelihood that another major stimulus (spending) bill will pass Congress this month.

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Will Coronavirus Mean “The End of Coins”? (I Think Not!)

The advent of Coronavirus has caused the temporary end of handshakes, big Thanksgiving dinners, open school rooms, large corporate meetings, big football crowds, concerts, night clubs, conventions, most air travel and now some newspaper headlines tell us that coronavirus could spell the end of coins and the cash economy. Every financial transaction will take place online or with credit cards, Pay Pal, crypto-currencies or some new program they claim.



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Gold Gained 2% on Tuesday

Gold gained $36 (2%) on Tuesday, December 1, as a new “stimulus package” works its way through Congress. This came after gold fell by a similar amount last Friday in its first fall under $1,800 since last July. Part of the drop was technical, since many traders set “stop losses” under technical support levels like the 200-day moving average.  Since the drop happened on thin volume in the early morning hours of a post-holiday trading session with few traders present, the move was steep, and unsupported by buyers.

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Silver American Eagle Sales Soar 10-Fold in November 2020 Over November 2019

During November, the U.S. Mint sold 4,805,000 one-ounce Silver American Eagle coins, more than 10 times the 463,000 coins sold in November 2019, bringing the year-to-date totals to almost a 100% gain (29.3 million ounces vs. 14.8 million last year). Gold American Eagle sales were up 673% in November, with 85,000 Troy ounces sold vs. 11,000 in November 2019 that brought the 2020 11-month total up to over 5-fold from 2019 (794,500 Troy ounces in the first 11 months of 2020 vs. 150,000 ounces in 2019). The Buffalo Gold coin sales were also up strongly, +370% for November and +286% for the year-to-date

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Ten Reasons for Giving Thanks in a Very Rough Year

As we take a four-day break for Thanksgiving weekend this Thursday, we all have personal reasons for giving thanks, but we also have overriding reasons for giving thanks for national blessings in this particularly difficult year of 2020, which everyone has come to despise. Consider these opening thoughts:


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Gold and Silver Long-Term Fundamentals are Sound

Gold and Silver Long-Term Fundamentals are Sound

Gold fell $30 Monday morning, November 23, to $1,835, based on promising COVID-19 vaccine news and stalled progress on more stimulus packages in Congress, but these are all temporary, knee-jerk reactions, which have no bearing on the long-term fundamentals for gold and silver. As we said last week, this may be an unrealistic “honeymoon” attitude toward Joe Biden, or temporary amnesia about all the deficit spending in 2020, since rising inflation, more deficits and social unrest likely await us next year.