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Commerzbank Sees Higher Gold Prices

Last week’s New Orleans Investment Conference featured several speakers who predicted $3,000 to $5,000 gold prices within the next few Commerzbank Sees Higher Gold Pricesyears, but that would normally be expected in a gold-oriented conference. We’re more impressed when mainstream banks and investment advisors predict much higher gold prices. We’ve mentioned Bank of America and Goldman Sachs in recent months, but Germany’s Commerzbank was one of the first major banks to predict higher gold prices – several years ago.


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A Baker’s Dozen of Presidential Debate Questions

After enduring the first two debates with challenged moderators, I’m tempted to say “we don’t need no stinking moderators” at these election-year debates. After all, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas simply got up and talked for a couple of hours and found a way to get to the core of the issues their audiences cared about. What’s wrong with the candidates just asking each other a series of questions?


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We Are Entering a “Magical Five Years” of New Coin Creation in Advance of 2026

Do you remember the Bicentennial of 1976 and all the tall ships in New York harbor and the welcome celebration of America’s 200th birthday? It came after Watergate, Vietnam, and a very dark time in U.S. history, something like the Covid-19 pandemic, urban riots, racial tension, political divisions, and recession we’ve suffered in 2020 and may see continuing next year, depending on the election outcome.

One looming light at the end of the tunnel is America’s 250th birthday on July 4, 2026. One encouraging note is that on this Columbus Day weekend, The New York Times has begun to back away from its destructive “1619 Project,” which purported to change America’s birth date to the arrival of the first slave and thereby cast the entire national history as a slave-centered story. This helped lead to a summer of destroyed statues of George Washington and other Founding Fathers with “1619” painted on them in great disrespect.

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New Reverse Design for American Eagles Now Approved for Mid-2021

1st American Reserve's Mike Fuljenz contributed this piece of news of what we can look forward to in 2021. Last Thursday, the U.S. Mint unveiled the new reverse design for the American Eagle Gold and Silver bullion and collectible coins for 2021, a year which marks the centennial of the first Peace Dollar and the final Morgan Dollar year as well as the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle Coin, which debuted in 1986.


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Recalling George Washington’s Winters Struggling with Worthless Paper “Continentals”

1st American Reserve thinks this is a great post taken from the THE MIKE FULJENZ METALS MARKET REPORT of  9/30/2020.
History has made General George Washington’s winter in Valley Forge, PA (1777-78) a story of great courage, and indeed it was, but the next three winters with his dwindling army in northern winter camps were much more trying. Washington’s last major battle was at Monmouth, New Jersey, June 28, 1778. It was a draw after Washington rallied his retreating troops. The following three years and four months were a tale of strategic retreats with a dwindling army and few supplies from a bankrupt nation and Congress, using a worthless currency called “The Continental.” Many farmers preferred selling their produce to the British Army with their “hard” currency, the British pound, thereby impoverishing the Patriot army.

Here are two portraits of the U.S. Army entering their winter quarters in 1779 and 1780, taken from Ron Chernow’s “Washington: A Life.” He is the author who wrote the biography of Alexander Hamilton, which became the basis for the Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” and his most recent biography is “Grant.”



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Beaumont Survives Hurricane Laura – But Lake Charles Was Hit Hard

1st America Reserve's hometown, Beaumont, Texas survives Hurricane Laura – But Lake Charles Was Hit Hard. As indicated in the previous week’s Lake Charles HurricaneMetals Report, 1st American Reserve came through Hurricane Laura reasonably unscathed. We endured one day of rolling electrical backouts but most of us were either at work or were helping others in need, and we were all back at work in full force the next Monday. That wasn’t the case for our friends and family in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Mike Fuljenz original hometown. Hurricane Laura, the strongest hurricane ever to hit Louisiana, went right over Lake Charles with the highest winds on the eastern wall of Laura’s eye hitting the city directly. The peaceful eye never even gave them a moment of relief.


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